Hot & Cold Chocolate Drink Maker

Price: £945.00 ex VAT

Skillful use of contrasts can go a long way toward improving the experience of food.  This is obviously true of basic tastes, like salty and sweet.  But it also applies to other characteristics, like hot and cold.  Give your clients the opportunity to experience the same after-dinner treat from either end of the temperature spectrum with JM Posner’s hot & cold chocolate drink maker.


Everyone likes to have options.  This item provides your clients with a basic choice that they might not have if it required separate means of preparation.  The appeal of choice doesn’t need to come with added difficulty for the caterer.  Our hot and cold chocolate drink maker is easy to operate, no matter how often your clients have you switching between hot and cold preparation.


That choice is sure to be appreciated at events where the weather is uncertain, or the temperature is mild enough that some people might need to warm up while others prefer to cool down.  Similarly, if you are catering in a place with both indoor and outdoor seating, this provides the perfect option for anybody.  The same is true if your hot and cold chocolate drink maker is going to become a permanent part of a cafe or restaurant with an outdoor patio.

Automatic and programmable control for mixing and heating times.

Portion control via a Smart Card. Two push-buttons to pre-select 1 or 2

chocolate drinks in one single cycle. One "mix" push-button to obtain ICED

COFFEE, MILKSHAKES, ICED TEA, and other kinds of cold drinks.

One "Steam" button to warm up other types of hot beverages.

Signalling system advice when the brewing cycle is over.

Interchangeable pieces (steam nozzle or stirrer) easy to clean.

The machine calculates the quantity of steam required.

Warning signal when the filter needs to be replaced.


  243mm x 308mm x      452mm

Water tank:


Electrical: AC 230 Volt 

   50Hz 1060W

Weight:  10kg

48 hour courier